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Dr. Jana Preis is a double board-certified and compassionate physician with evening and weekend office hours in Forest Hills, NY, and Telehealth services.
“As an infectious disease specialist, I pursue a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ approach to diagnosis and treatment. A key aspect is thorough, detailed patient history. I add diagnostic connections with a physical exam, test results, and reports from other professionals to find answers and to develop a plan to treat the whole patient. I involve patients actively during medical care and value their input.”
Dr. Preis completed undergraduate and graduate training at The George Washington University. She completed clinical training in infectious disease and epidemiology at Yale University School of Medicine.
Her areas of expertise cover all areas of infectious disease, including treatment and prevention of infections in immunocompromised patients, such as patients with a history of malignancies, primary and secondary immunodeficiency, pre- and post-transplant recipients, and HIV.
She serves on the editorial boards of three infectious disease journals and has over ten years of experience in medical media and journalism. Dr. Preis is actively involved in clinical research and academic medical education.
Dr. Preis enjoys travel, classical music, and impressionist art, and describes her family as “happy and loud." 


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